In Transition

33 days to go...

dag dig dug..dap dup..beledupp..wedupp.. dup dup.. dab dab..gedebub

tu bunyi jantungku.

33 days to go.

p/s : humongous butt could not fit into baju nikah. warghhhhhhhhhh

Look out for the silver lining

Betul orang kata, kejayaan lebih bermakna bila kita bersusah payah dahulu.

Remember those days I cried tears, sweat blood for my Master's degree?

Alhamdulillah, I've just been awarded with the Best Student of (UM) by Persa*tuan Pust*akawan M*alay*sia.

And to make things sweeter, himself was there with me.

Ermm, actually he was not in the auditorium, but waited in the car. He reached PN*M just after I received the award. This morning, he drove 1hr 45 mins from JB to KL just to fetch me and drive me home. "Kesian awak naik turun bas aje".

The best Supir is awarded to HIMSELf!!

Perginya seorang perwira

On Monday March 31st, at 6.30pm, Atok has finally left us.


Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa blog ini mungkin akan ditutup untuk sementara sampai bila-bila sementara waktu.

I'm not being fair with thou, ye faithful readers. There are many stories to tell, many pictures to share, but currently I am too caught up with my work.

In the personal department, things are fine. Life as 'tunangan orang' agrees with me tremendously. Alhamdulillah, even though we have only 112 days to go, major planning and preparation are being handled by the wonderful Atikah Studio. Tanpa mereka, akan ku jadi pengantin yang bermata beruang panda dan paling stress di muka bumi ini.

Let's have a quick recap of major events from the last post till now.
  1. On the 13th Oct (that was before the engagement), Kakak gave birth prematurely (she's 1 week short to 7 months) to Izz Irfan bin Izhar. After 3 months stay, Izz is back at home and he's the cutest thing boy, with a potential to be a heart breaker with those lips and chin.
  2. Nearly being cut open - on 9th December, I was wheeled into Putri Specialist Hospital to see the Obgyn Doc, after experiencing a very sharp pain at the lower right side of the abdomen. Ceritanya bermula begini - Pagi tu, time angkat barang beli kat pasar da terasa sakit. Ingatkan muscle tear. Tapi bila sampai ke petang tak baik, i've sensed something is wrong. Macam sakit senggugut (tapi belum time pon) tapi dekat belah kanan je. So off to the doc, and was diagnosed with functional ovarian cyst. Menangis time tu jugak. Put under 24hrs observation. Sakit tu puncanya sebab the cyst is leaking blood. Kalau tak kurang jugak sakit, petang tu jugak dia buat laproscopy surgery. Alhamdulillah, tak jadi and for now under observation je. The wonderdul doc told me, there's no need to worry. There are too many hormones in the system, too fertile katanya.haha.So selagi the cyst x besar lebih 5 cm, no need to operate OR wait until a year after kawin, kalau belum conceived then operate. I've heard soooooo many horror stories about other people with 'relatively' same condition as me, and I have one thing to say to them - IT DOESN'T HELP ME FEELING ANY BETTER. For now, have to say goodbye to gym session - no rigorous exercise, angkat benda berat2, high-impact aerobic, running or jogging for me.
  3. End of Dec - menghadiri kursus pra-perkahwinan with himself. Stage 1 dah settle. Proceed to the next stage.
  4. January - appointed Atikah Studio as our wedding planner. Made orders for bakul telur from JARO. Mid Jan - menghadiri kursus kenegaraan. :)
  5. February - Atok is being warded at HKL. Scheduled for operation to remove the tumour in the bladder. Last time I went to see him, Atok is a shadow of his former self. :( Lost an aunty to heart attack (Mak's SIL). She was 48 years old and left behind 8 children, the eldest is 27 years old and the youngest is 8.
Work wise, I'm threading this journey with utmost caution. I've learn a lot - and quickly too in the 6 months of being part of the current organisation. You just never know what to expect in the next turn. The key words are - sedia dan redha. :). Oh yeah, and stay calm. That, I have to work on. ;)

Wish me luck people. and thank you.

Let's hope we'll be seeing each other soon.

Hugs and kisses.

The best birthday present!

Once upon a time, there's an anak dara with her anak sedara dressing lawa2, waiting patiently in a room...

Finally, after all the waitings and dramas (nak masuk 9 tahun tauuu), we're advancing to the next level..

Doakan kami, agar jodoh berpanjangan hingga ke jinjang pelamin dan seterusnya ke akhir hayat kami. Insyallah.
The engagement was held last Saturday, 27th Oct 2007 - on my birthday. :)

Nurin Jazlin

It hit home this time. The news about a body of a little girl, stuffed into a bag, badly battered, bruised and sexually abused.

It's her. Nurin Jazlin. May Allah rest her soul, and place her among His beloved.

Nurin. She had the same first name as my niece, Nurin Salma. Seeing her pictures in the newspaper, those sweet smiles, innocent laughters, reminded me so much of my Nurin. I could not imagine, how would I be if I were in her parents shoes.

Spare the parents additional grief. They have lost a child, in a gruesome way. Let's not judge them. It could happen to anyone, anytime.

Nurin Jazlin. She's an angel now. Rest in piece sayang.

Don't Mind Me

I wish I'm in the office right now. Yeap, at 9.05pm, that's where i want to be right now. I think I am turning into a workaholic. And I don't mind a bit.

As of right now, that's the only CONSTANT thing in my life. Got up in the morning, go to work, read newspaper, check mail, start cataloging and go back at 5pm.

In the end of the month, make sure u achieve ur target, and SURELY u will get paid. that's it.


If I could duplicate the key to the office, I would stay there until God knows when. Provided no momok mengganggu.

Seriously, it's much better than mopping around the house doing nothing. Losing in my thoughts.

I'm this close.. thhhiiiiiissss close to lose my grip. thiiiiiiisss clooooooose.